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"I was most impressed by River City Martial Arts by the diversity of classes and the tradition of the school. It offers Korean, Chinese and Brazilian based styles and are held to their own traditions. I like how you are required to learn the respective languages (basics) and they even due annual trips to stay and train in Korea also to China with Shaolin Monks at a temple.

I'm taking Kung Fu and got to know the staff and students. It's easy to switch styles and I've considered many times to cross train in another style. I later brought my 2 daughters in to learn Taekwondo. I found out that Song Moo Kwan (RCMA is a branch of Song Moo Kwan) is one of the top Taekwondo martial arts schools in Korea (founding country of TKD)."

Joseph P.
Brown Sash - Kung Fu.
Waconia, MN

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