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Kung Fu School

River City Martial Arts Kung-fu school is a great style to learn if you love martial arts. From the very first moves you learn you recognize it as being real "KUNG FU". Most popular movies are done with Kung fu and many famous and talented Martial Artists were trained in Kung Fu from possibly the most well known and idolized Bruce Lee to the more modern Jet Li winner of 15 gold medals and 1 silver in the Chinese Wushu championships.

The Kung Fu that you will learn is traditional Shaolin Changquan style. As part of Song Moo Kwan our students have the opportunity go on a annual trip to China and train at a Shaolin temple.

Kung Fu is a very effective Martial Art. It differs from the standard straight punch/kick Karate in many ways. First is the style in which you are taught Changquan (Northern Longfist style) is a style that is considered a long range form of fighting. It consists of many extended and circular attacks. Changquan is an aggressive style, it's motto is "the best defense is a strong offense". It's also a very aerial art where you learn many flying type attacks.

In many popular forms of Martial Arts in America you might learn the Staff and or a Sword at or around the black belt level in Kung Fu you learn many different styles of weapons like the nunchucku, three-section staff and more and they start as early as your 3rd sash. The same can be said for techniques. For example in some styles their more advanced kick is the tornado kick and is taught at or around the black belt level in Kung Fu you learn this kick very early on.

You will be taught Wushu and the sparring style is Sanda style sparring.

Kung Fu class schedule
Tues 7 – 8pm
Wed 5 – 6pm
Thur 7 – 8pm
Fri 6 – 7pm (sparring class)
Sat 4 – 5pm

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